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St Petersburg Adventures promises to deliver a real Like a local to every single customer. We pride ourselves on being the best tour guides in the world. We consider ourselves to be local friends for our customers.

St Petersburg Adventures guides are Passionate about their city by being explorers and lovers of their city, its culture, its people, its streets, its phenomena, its history & present day, its food and drinks and its events. As Responsible guides, we ensure that clients feel safe and that the clients know that through the tour they contribute positively socially, environmentally and economically to the local community, and we do all that in a Fun way. People feel good on our tours because they get to laugh and learn through funny and witty real stories based on authentic local Knowledge.

Our Guides go above and beyond by delivering unexpected Value to the customer in form of customized maps, customized local tips (events, food, and drink, must-do, etc etc), showing real interest in every person on the tour, recommending right experiences for the customer and always ensuring that the clients feel that their needs are acknowledged. Everything mentions here happens in the frame of unique and Original – the latter being you. There’s no other local like you – the customers want to hear, feel and experience the city through you and your experience. Your original way of storytelling, your original views, recommendations, and stories.

Skills, Attributes and other Requirements 

  • Passion and knowledge for and of the city
  • Excellent storytelling skills
  • Excellent communication skills with individuals and group of people
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • High standards of customer experience
  • Friendly, flexible and a sense of humor!
  • Language skills: Fluent English and Russian; knowledge of Spanish / French / German is an advantage

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